Services & Features at Our Storage Facility in Toronto

Key Storage is constantly looking for ways to improve the storage renting experience for our customers. In addition to providing modern, clean and convenient storage solutions for an affordable price, we offer an array of additional benefits for our customers. Learn more about our services and features below.

Our Self-Storage Services

Moving carts & dollies

We provide customers with moving carts and moving dollies at our storage facility in Toronto. These services are available at no extra charge to make the process of moving in and out of your storage unit more convenient.

Variety of storage unit sizes

Our storage facility in Toronto offers a variety of storage unit sizes in order to meet the needs of all our customers. Our storage units start at a size of just 5’x5’ and can reach sizes of up to 20’x35’. Learn more about our storage spaces.

Outdoor storage spaces

Key Storage is proud to offer outdoor storage spaces for residents and business owners in Toronto. These outdoor storage solutions are perfect for storing cars, boats, trailers, small trucks and other vehicles. Learn more about our outdoor storage spaces.

Moving & packing supplies & products

Key Storage is also happy to provide our customers with affordable packing and moving supplies for their storage units. We provide supplies such as moving boxes, bubble wrap, furniture protection, tape and more. Learn more about our moving and packing supply shop.

Local moving & truck rental companies

We value our local businesses here in Toronto which is why we are proud to team together with and recommend local truck rental companies and local moving companies. These trusted local businesses can help make your move simple and convenient.

Storage rental payments

We accept a wide variety of payment methods including Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Interact and e-transfer.

Mail boxes rentals

Key Storage is proud to offer mailbox rentals to both our residential and commercial customers. With this service, you will receive your own suite number to receive mail and important packages. Benefit from 24-hour access for mail-pick up and simply schedule a time to pick up your larger packages.

Features of Our Storage Facility in Toronto

At Key Storage, we realize that you need peace of mind that your belongings are always kept safe and secure, which is why we have prioritized a comprehensive security approach for our facility.

High tech security

Our Toronto storage facility is equipped with 24/7/365 video camera surveillance and at all our of our buildings, providing each and every unit with the protection it deserves.

Storage unit alarm system

Our storage building is guaranteed to be alarmed each and every night for further protection during unstaffed hours.

Individual security access code

We provide every client with their own, individual, computerized security access code which will be required whenever you want to enter through the main gates and at the main loading/unloading areas. The code also allows us to monitor who is entering the facility and when.

Fully fenced & well-lit storage facilities

Our storage facility in Toronto is well lit throughout the entire lot and is fully fenced.

Climate controlled units

We are happy to provide our customers with climate-controlled storage units to ensure that their belongings are protected against humidity, freezing and other temperature and weather-related damages. Learn more about our climate-controlled storage units.

Loading & unloading Area

Our Toronto storage facility is equipped with both ground and truck-level loading and unloading options. This makes it easier for you to fill and empty your storage unit with your preferred transportation method.

Fire detection & prevention system

Our storage units and the entire facility is equipped with state-of-the-art fire detection and prevention systems. If a fire were ever to occur at our facility, our sprinklers and extinguishers kick in quickly to eliminate the fire threat. More so, our systems only activate in the isolated areas where the fire is present, preventing water damage from occurring in unaffected units.
Our storage facility in Toronto offers safe, convenient, clean, secure, climate-controlled metal self-storage spaces, outdoor parking spaces at competitive rates